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Romance Book Review: Never Trust a Pirate

Faltering Filibuster

What’s more exciting than a handsome pirate, a former-royal spy, a royal spy, and a house full of happy servants?

When you find out, let me know.

Cade is not the one for balls, soirees, and afternoon calls. He prefers a dangerous life on the rough seas with drinkers and foul-mouthed, loyal swindlers. He gets plenty of female attention without all the match-making mamas, and he doesn’t give a coin about propriety. Read Full Review

Romance Book Review: Payback


Amelia is out for vengeance. Her chosen weapon is her mouth, used to brand information that should for sure put the Bastards (Viking, that is) responsible for her dad’s death away for a long time. Thanks to her father’s brother (by association of the MC), she was finally getting justice.

Gage doesn’t shit in his own backyard. No way he’d want to have to deal with that mess. He has a bar to run; but when he gets a look at Amelia, he knows he’ll have trouble following his own rules. Good thing for him he’s the boss.  Read Full Review








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What formats of romance fiction are selling? (source: Nielsen BookScan/PubTrack Digital 2015; figures do not include self-published romance e-book sales or Amazon-published e-books) E-books: 61% Mass-market paperback: 26% Trade paperback: 11% Hardcover: 1.4% Who is the romance book buyer? (source: Nielsen Books & Consumer Tracker) Female: 84% Male: 16% Age of the romance book buyer: 30–44 years old (source: Nielsen Books & Consumers 2015)

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