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Romance Book Review: The Right Fit


Maxine has had one helluva year. She caught her boyfriend-should’ve-been-fiancé cheating – in their bed- with the lights on! Need I say more?
Antony Laurent has had one helluva year. Rumor has it he’s about to be traded to the minors.

What to do, what to do? Read Full Review



Romance Book Review: A Charmed Little Lie

Fascinating Fib

Lanie has found herself in a pickle in a town all about honey. Her eccentric aunt Ruby, God bless her soul, has put a special condition in her will. In order for Lanie to inherit the house she was raised in, along with an large amount of cash (which Lanie knew nothing about), she has to live in the house with her husband for 3 months.

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Series Spotlight: Hide My Memories
Series Spotlight: Hide My Thoughts
Series Spotlight: Hide My Light
Series Spotlight: Hide My Soul






What formats of romance fiction are selling? (source: Nielsen BookScan/PubTrack Digital 2015; figures do not include self-published romance e-book sales or Amazon-published e-books) E-books: 61% Mass-market paperback: 26% Trade paperback: 11% Hardcover: 1.4% Who is the romance book buyer? (source: Nielsen Books & Consumer Tracker) Female: 84% Male: 16% Age of the romance book buyer: 30–44 years old (source: Nielsen Books & Consumers 2015)

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