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Romance Book Review: Sweet Scandal

Melodious Misconduct

From the moment she walks into his newly purchased newspaper, she challenged him. She was confused by his presence, and disheartened to learn that her services were no longer needed. She put up as much a fight as a lady could, and despite his busy schedule, he couldn’t help but to notice her while he was ceremoniously trying to get rid of her. Notice her beauty, her determination, her strength. He was intrigued, but business came first; so instead of taking the time to get to know her and better understand why she was refusing to leave without answers, he escorted her out the door and went about his business. But not before retrieving the hat that had fallen from her head and vowing to return it. His excuse, of course, to seek her out later when he had more time. Read Full Review

Romance Book Review: I Knew You Were Trouble

Obviously Obstinate

Taylor is having a moment. She struggles to connect on an emotional level thanks to the tough-as-nails aunt who raised her after she was abandoned by her mother and her father died; so when she thinks she’s finally found her content-ever-after, she is thrown off balance when he leaves her – by note- the day they were scheduled to move in to an expensive apartment together. Which means she now needs a roommate.  Nick is having roommate problems of his own, so when the chance to rid himself of his unwanted roomie presents itself, he jumps at it, especially since it also means pissing off Taylor’s dick of an ex. Moving in with his archnemesis may seem like drastic measures, but her hot body dulls the sting. He also digs her no-nonsense attitude and the challenge it brings. Read Full Review







Series Spotlight: The Mystery of Her
Series Spotlight: Bedeviled By Her Suspicions
Series Spotlight: Taunting Her Killer






Introduction and Notes by Dr Jeff Wallace, University of Glamorgan Lawrence's finest, most mature novel initially met with disgust and incomprehension. In the love affairs of two sisters, Ursula with Rupert, and Gudrun with Gerald, critics could only see a sorry tale of sexual depravity and philosophical obscurity. Women in Love is, however, a profound response to a whole cultural crisis. Source:

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