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Freelance Editing for the Starving Artist


Creative Non-fiction


Passive-Aggressive Letters to Coworkers

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Romance Book Review: Nights at Seaside

Nocturnal Waves

Nights at Seaside continues this steamy, sexy, fun-filled series with Earthy Sky Lacroux finding her love-match with boxer Sawyer Bass. Their chemistry is off-the-charts, and they are so perfect for each other that the swiftness of the relationship takes nothing away from the story. Instead if showcases Foster’s talent at getting to the point without sacrificing the relationship development.  Read Full Review

Romance Book Review: With This Christmas Ring

Wedding Chimes


Merry left Alex five years ago without an explanation. He’s longed for her since then, and although she’s never told him, he’s sure his controlling grandmother had something to do with Merry leaving. When Merry returns to try to find Alex’s cousin, who married and fathered a child by Merry’s now deceased friend, she has no choice but to come face-to-face with the only man she’s ever loved. Read Full Review









Series Spotlight: Taking What is Mine
Series Spotlight: Claiming What is Mine
Series Spotlight: Protecting What is Mine


New Adult




Introduction and Notes by Dr Jeff Wallace, University of Glamorgan Lawrence's finest, most mature novel initially met with disgust and incomprehension. In the love affairs of two sisters, Ursula with Rupert, and Gudrun with Gerald, critics could only see a sorry tale of sexual depravity and philosophical obscurity. Women in Love is, however, a profound response to a whole cultural crisis. Source:

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