New Beginnings

As the New Year approaches, I look back on my life and things I’ve seen, heard, and done this past year. It’s the same thing year after year. I make decisions on what I want to change, on what I want to do, on what I no longer want to do – for whatever reason. Read More

Book Review: Voyage In His Arms III by Ann Walker

ASIN: B00PBTAFGY First I’d like to say that I still love Ben. He’s charming, handsome, and talented. I could clearly picture him, and this was a great accomplishment for the author. I still felt more connected to him than I did Jaime, but I liked her character as well, even we she got confused and Read More


Book Review: Voyage In His Arms II by Ann Walker

ASIN: B00PBLRGE6 Much better! I was delighted to see the improvement in the story. I’m still a little confused by Daniel’s presence, but I’m more accepting. I adore Ben. The author did an excellent job developing his character. I connected more to his character than I did Jaime, but nonetheless, they make a cute couple. Read More

Book Review: Watson Manor Eventually

ISBN: 9781619279230 I thought the first few pages were okay, but it quickly fell flat for me. The main characters somehow managed to fall in love and let down their guards – despite their troubled pasts -all within the first 50 pages, which was not believable because they were driving in separate vehicles for most Read More

Book Review: Newton Cutter by Lee Ann Wonnacott

ASIN: B00MX0BANG Because the query was pretty good, I was initially excited about reading this book after receiving a free copy from Story Cartel. Unfortunately, my excitement quickly faded.  I found the phonetic dialog tedious and boring, the descriptions too excessive, and the pace slow. I often got confused with the constantly switching POV, and the Read More

There’s Nothing Better than TRUE LOVE

As usual, Jude Deveraux WOWED me with her words! When someone says true love, it’s usually in the reference of romance. But this book has true love on all levels. Of course the love between Alix and Jared is the main focus of the story, but it graciously allows room for other relationships. Alix unconditionally Read More

Hanging with Higgins

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of listening to Hanging with Higgins, an internet radio show hosted by @JohnJHigginsEsq on Tuesday nights at 10pm-11pm EST. This week’s guest was Ron Greenfield. A graduate of Hunter College, Ron went from dismantling sets to graphic design to art director. He has been involved with making movie Read More

September is Jude Deveraux Month

In honor of her birthday, September is Jude Deveraux month. Since Lavender Morning, I’ve been obsessed with the Edilean series. I don’t know who I love the most – tough-as-nails Mike, hunky Colin, or easy-going Luke. Let’s talk about Sara’s love of sewing, Gemma and her pens, and Tess’s lesson-teaching red dress. We will discuss Read More

Making the best of your life and your time and using your energy wisely

We can sit all day and think about what was and would could’ve been. A better thing to think about is what is and what will be. This is decided upon not only our actions, but more importantly by our faith. We must have faith in God and faith in ourselves to follow God. Many Read More

Romantic Series Trivia

Can you match the couples from Lisa Kleypas’ series about the Hathaways? Leo Michael Cam Harry Kev A. Beatrix B. Amelia C. Catherine D. Winifred E. Poppy