Book Promotion: Taunting Her Killer by Patricia Catacalos

Taunting Her Killer by Patricia Catacalos
Series: The Zane Brothers Detective Series (Book 3)
Genre: Victorian Historical Mystery/Intrigue
Sub-Genre: Historical Romance
Publication Date: June 1, 2017

London, 1888…A clairvoyant has envisioned two men as potentially being Jack the Ripper and her allegation appears in the London broadsheets. As a result, she hires The Zane Brothers Detective Agency to determine which man is threatening her, writing threatening missives signed ‘Jack the Ripper’. While investigating her case, the three brothers are also searching for a missing woman, Lady Elizabeth Leeds, who has presumably stolen a valuable necklace. Oddly, the two cases intersect, making both investigations mysteriously perplexing. And, Evan Zane, the youngest of the Zane brothers, finds the clairvoyant’s niece Alexia Alexander equally mystifying.


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About the Author:

Patricia Catacalos holds a BA in Theatre from Seton Hill University and a MA in Theatre from the University of Denver. Years ago, when still single, she acted in plays and directed productions in the Philadelphia area but suffered the fate of many artists, struggling financially. So she entered a career in sales but her creative spirit needed to express itself and finally about six years ago she started writing historical romances. She discovered that writing historical romances is her passion.
She is married to a loving and supportive man with a Greek heritage (which influenced a couple of her novels) and they live in southern New Jersey. Together they enjoy extensive traveling including trips to Greece and England.

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Book One
Book Two

Alexia slowly and self-consciously crossed to the second wooden chair, situated in front of the desk, and gracefully sat, arranging her long skirts about her legs. She felt somewhat shamefaced that she had not extended her hand to Evan for his perfunctory kiss but she had not wanted him to touch her fingers. She feared that the simple physical contact would rob her of her composure…what little poise she was currently feeling.
Evan remained stiffly standing, nearest the bow window and close to where Alexia sat, with legs braced slightly apart and hands remaining clasped behind his back.
Alexia fervently wished that Evan would sit as she felt that he was looming over her and his nearness unnerved her. She slightly shifted on her seat, averting her eyes away from Evan and focusing her attention on Noah who rounded the desk and sat on the desk chair.
Grimacing, Mrs. Lennon looked at Evan and then, examined Noah before bluntly asking, “Are you twins?”
Noah smiled. “We are often asked that question, Madam. No, we are not twins. I am two and thirty years of age and Evan is a year younger.” His engaging smile turned impish. “And I am most obviously, the more attractive.”
“Most obviously…” Alexia softly mimicked before planting a frozen smile upon her face. She nearly gasped aloud at her own insensitive remark. But her mouth seemed to move of its own volition and repeated a statement that in truth she did not believe. In her humble estimation, Evan was the more physically attractive. Were he not so morally corrupt.
“Nonsense, Alexia, both men are quite handsome. Just because you attribute a disagreeable personality to Mr. Evan Zane, you needn’t dismiss his physical attractiveness.”
“Beg pardon, Madam, but I do not possess an unpleasant personality. Perhaps it is your niece who is the disagreeable sort.”
Alexia stiffened, pursing her lips. She angled her head to glare up at Evan with green eyes flashing with disdain. His barb wounded her pride but she would not dignify it with a verbal response.
Mrs. Lennon shook her head, causing the adornments on her hat to awkwardly bounce with the movement. “My niece is quite charming, Mr. Zane, when not being provoked. And, for some reason, you irritate her. But, we digress from the purpose of this meeting.”
Alexia turned toward her aunt, placing a reassuring hand on the elder woman’s left forearm as she softly agreed, “Yes, Aunt Hattie, please quickly explain the reason for this conference and refrain from repeating passing comments I made to you, in private.”
Evan’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Alexia.
She could feel his eyes glowering at her and she nervously shifted once again, on her seat. She was uncharacteristically nervous and she attributed her unease to the fact that she was in the company of man she intensely disliked. And yet, reluctantly found dashingly handsome.
“Yes, yes, let me explain why I am here and hope to hire your services,” Aunt Hattie stated in a quivering voice. “I notice that you have a folded broadsheet laying on your desk, Mr. Zane. Is it The Times?”
“Please call me by my given name as ‘Mr. Zane’ could refer to either me or Evan,” Noah light-heartedly suggested. “And yes, it is the morning edition of The Times.”
“Please turn to page two in the newspaper, Noah,” Aunt Hattie politely but firmly requested.
Noah did as the lady suggested.
“Do you see an article entitled ‘Catching the Ripper’?”
Noah nodded. “I do.”
Aunt Hattie glanced at Alexia and Evan before commandingly instructing, “Please read aloud paragraph three.”
Noah’s eyes scanned the article and began to read the indicated paragraph aloud, “Recently, the Metropolitan Police have consulted with a Spiritualist possessing clairvoyant powers, Mrs. Hattie Lennon, who names two men as possibly being ‘Leather Apron’, now known as ‘Jack the Ripper’.” Noah lifted his eyes off the broadsheet. Incredulously, he asked, “You are a Spiritualist with clairvoyant powers…?”
Aunt Hattie lifted her chin, proudly, as she confirmed, “I am.”
“Beg pardon, Mrs. Lennon, for my skeptical query. But, what clairvoyant powers do you believe that you possess?” Evan dubiously queried.
Aunt Hattie waved a plump hand at Evan as if his skepticism was the norm. “I am often asked that question and actually, it is a rather astute enquiry. Different Spiritualists possess different clairvoyant abilities. I, myself, possess precognition and on rare occasions, I experience retrocognition.”
“Please explain what ‘precognition’ and ‘retrocognition’ entail,” Noah suggested as he furtively glanced at his brother whose face registered disbelief.
“In the simplest terms, precognition allows me to see events which will occur in the future and with my psychic ability I can see people and places quite clearly. Retrocognition depicts events which have occurred in the past but of which I could not possibly have knowledge of except through a vision. Sometimes I see future or past events in my dreams or in self-induced trances and other times, I am thrust into a trancelike state beyond my control.” She smiled proudly. “Please continue reading the paragraph on page two of the broadsheet, Noah.”
Noah reluctantly continued reading aloud, “Mrs. Lennon predicts that another vicious Whitechapel murder will occur in November and she clearly indicates that one of two men are the perpetrator, Jack the Ripper. For investigative purposes, those names have not been released by the police.”
“Mrs. Lennon, I do not wish to offend but stating that another murder will occur in the month of November is a very likely occurrence as Jack the Ripper has not been apprehended and logically speaking, he will kill again.”
Aunt Hattie smirked. “You are correct, Noah. But what is not revealed in the newspaper is the exact date I predict the murder will take place. Jack the Ripper will kill on Friday, November 9th.”
Evan grimaced. “And who are the two men you suspect?”

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