Book Review: The Keeper by Rebecca Neely


Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing (April 27, 2016)
Print Length: 194 pages

Nick Geary, jaded clan leader of human guardians, the Keepers, is doomed to love a human woman who’s forgotten him, time after time, for thirteen years: Libby Klink, a skittish accountant who’s as terrified of her recent and strange intuitions as she is of her mundane existence.

When Nick is ordered by the clan’s guiding force to seek Libby’s help in defending the clan against enemy Betrayers, romance sizzles as the pair forms an unlikely alliance in their desperate search to discover the key to the clan’s salvation—which Libby alone holds.

But a haunting secret could cost Nick everything, and in a race against time, both will be forced to choose between their hearts and duty. Can their love, and the clan, survive, or will the very forces that drew them together ultimately destroy them?


A creatively-crafted take on life as we know it!

A fresh take on the age-old story of fallen angels, good vs. evil, heaven vs. hell, this unique story with it’s flawed, yet lovable, characters was quite intriguing.

Libby demands attention without demanding it. She can barely get to work without her anxiety pills, and what’s worse is she has a job she hates – thanks to her void-of-people-skills boss. She’s suffering the recent loss of her father, and the long ago loss of her mother. She’s pretty much alone, until she meets Nick- again.

Nick’s always loved Libby- she doesn’t know it because she can’t remember him. He’s been her keeper (guardian angel) her entire life, but once a job is done, the humans can’t remember them. They receive compulsions (assignments) from the Watchers (angels in heaven), but unfortunately they can’t be everywhere at once, so crime still prevails here on Earth; which is great for the Betrayers (fallen angels, or devils) who feeds off the negative energy.

The world of the Keepers – their lives- are “as close to human as one can get”, so their interactions are pretty much similar to ours, except for their energy source and it’s healing properties. I was captivated from the beginning, as I was anxious to learn more about the different realms. Libby and Nick are a good match, however, I do wish there had been more relationship development in the “now”. They share a history, but the current relationship is a little rushed- not because of the amount of time she’s aware of him (that’s normal in romances), but because, although they are together pretty much the entire time, their focus was more on the situation than each other. A little more alone time to learn about each other and come to terms with their growing feelings would’ve been welcomed.

The action scenes are pretty good. I was in the moment, rooting for the good and booing at the evil. The descriptions through the entire book are very vivid and I easily imagined each scene. The writing is really good, and the pace is fast, yet steady at the same time. The secondary characters were well-developed, and I liked them. I plan to read the next in the series.

Rating system: Cups of Coffee (the less the better)

0: You won’t need any coffee to stay up for this one. It’s intriguing enough all on its own.
1: You’ll stay up late, but not all night. Brew one cup.
2: You’ll read as long as you’re not tired. If you are, two cups should do the trick.
3: I hope you got plenty of rest; you’ll need it, or at least 3 cups.
4: If the cable goes out, read the book. It’s better than nothing, I guess. Oh, don’t forget your brew!
5: Find anything else to do- it doesn’t matter what it is. Don’t waste your coffee. Too much caffeine is bad for you.

My rating: 1 cup of coffee

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About the Author

rebeccaneelyA sucker for a happy ending, Rebecca writes the kind of stories she loves to read—those featuring authentic, edgy and vulnerable characters, smack dab in the middle of action that explodes from page one.

Raised on a down home blend of Johnny Cash, Jack London, Sherlock Holmes, the Steelers, and all things small town, Rebecca feels blessed to have grown up in a close knit, fun loving and artistic family. Her mother, a voracious reader and scratch cook, and her father, an entrepreneur, English teacher and lover of literature, taught Rebecca and her brother to work hard, aim for the stars, and live life.

With music, books and laughter as constant companions, she grew up working, cooking and eating in the family’s restaurant business. A certified book and hoagie junkie, Rebecca thrives on live music, mysteries and the outdoors.

She’s a cheddar enthusiast, lover of cats, teddy bears, hot coffee, cold beer, thunderstorms, the blast of a train’s whistle, the change of seasons, country roads, woodpeckers, spoon rings, cool office supplies, and the Food Network.

Careers, past and present, include freelance writing, accounting, mother, problem solver, doer and head bottle washer.

Rebecca is a member of the Three Rivers Romance Writers, a PAN member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), and is honored to serve as a judge for several writing contests each year.

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    You’re welcome! I did enjoy it. I like Nick’s family as well, and I loved to read more about Curtis! 🙂

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