Book Review: What Happened to Marilyn by Alexander Rigby


ISBN-10: 069223067X
ISBN-13: 978-0692230671

Kinda sweet, but not my type of candy.

The premise for this book is extremely unique and I give kudos to the author for coming up with it. However, I’m a romance reviewer, and although the book has some elements of romance, it is not a romance.

I’ve never been into sci-fi, and I’m sure this little fact had a great effect on my review.

The dialogue was mundane for my taste. There was nothing interesting or entertaining about it. There was no slang; I don’t mean of the teenage get-me-a-dictionary variety; there wasn’t any of any kind. Everyone spoke correctly, which creates boring conversation. There was wayyyy too much description given for my liking. Not ever little bitty thing needs to be described with an abundant amount of adjectives and similes. It slows down the pace considerably. Besides, sometimes it’s enough to simply say it was hot as hell, or the car was gold, or the pie was good.  Not only that, but there was nothing in the dialogue that stood out enough to separate one character from the other. They all seem to talk pretty much the same.

Despite my unhappiness with the novel, I believe for those who do love-or even just like- the sci-fi genre, this book could very well be a good selection.

Because I’m not familiar with or accustomed to this genre, I’m going to pass on a rating.

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