Book Tour & Review: Without Words by Delancey Stewart

Without Words
by: Delancey Stewart
Releasing May 22, 2017
Entangled Select
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Sometimes love speaks for itself…
After an accident in the line of duty, firefighter Roberto DeRosa’s life is turned upside down. His career fighting fires is over, and he’s left with an uncertain future and an injury that makes communicating difficult for him. The only time words flow easily is when they’re lyrics and he has a guitar in his hands. Talking to women is definitely out, especially if they have bright blue eyes that seem to see right into his soul.
Dani Hodge is on the brink of realizing her dream of opening a small combination wine and book store in San Diego’s funky Ocean Beach neighborhood. But before she can open the doors, there’s work to be done, more work than she can do herself.
When the tattooed guy who completely ignored her at a bar walks by and offers her a hand wrangling a tile saw, Dani can’t afford to say no—and why would she say no to Mr. Strong and Silent when his stare conveys more than words could?

Rob is definitely the strong, silent type. Although it’s not his choice (at least the silent part), it fits him. Due to an accident, he’s had to learn to express himself using other means, mainly music. He is able to speak, but the words are slow, and his brain has a tendency to churn beyond his control. It’s not PTSD, but he does have his issues. However, none of them take away from his good-nature. Although he’s still struggling with the “new” him, he pushes forward, and the bubbly Dani is the motivation he needed.

Dani’s had her rough times, too. Her and her sister Amy were raised by their grandmother (after her father blew himself up in his meth lab and their mother died in prison). They’re all each other has in the world, and their bond is strong. While out one night at the bar where Rob sings (his own brand of therapy) she’s immediately taken by him. However, when she approaches him, he’s unable to speak (that happens when he gets overly excited, which is what he felt since he was intensely attracted to her). Having grown up thinking no man would stick around, she took his silence as rejection and went on her way. But when he approaches her while she’s trying to renovate and prepare for the grand opening of her wine tasting-and-book store, she understands his situation. Dani is very open with her emotions. Rob is hesitant for a second because he doesn’t believe she’d really want to be with someone who has nothing to offer her; but Dani sees past his disability. She sees the warm, caring, thoughtful man he is and she can’t help but to be drawn to him. The feelings are mutual and thus the great love begins.

I found the premise to be wonderfully unique. There’s nothing cliché about the plot or the characters. I admired Rob for being willing to take a chance. For a chapter or two, Dani had me a little exasperated. I understood her hesitancy, but I was not ok with her sleeping with him and then backing away. If a man had done that…well, off with his head. I tsk tsked a time or two, but I wanted to like her, so I did. She just needed to come around, and thankfully she didn’t take too long. Although their conversations had few words (at least on Rob’s part. Dani was a whirlwind of words), they were meaningful. Rob let his actions speak for him most of the time, but don’t misunderstand. He was able to speak to her, and he did share a lot about his life – just a fulfilling condensed version. I adored him.

This is a sweet, tenderhearted story with a little heat and a lot of love. It’s well worth a read.

Rating system: Cups of Coffee (the less the better)

0: You won’t need any coffee to stay up for this one. It’s intriguing enough all on its own.
1: You’ll stay up late, but not all night. Brew one cup.
2: You’ll read as long as you’re not tired. If you are, two cups should do the trick.
3: I hope you got plenty of rest; you’ll need it, or at least 3 cups.
4: If the cable goes out, read the book. It’s better than nothing, I guess. Oh, don’t forget your brew!
5: Find anything else to do- it doesn’t matter what it is. Don’t waste your coffee. Too much caffeine is bad for you.

My rating: 1 cup of coffee

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Author Info

Delancey Stewart writes contemporary romance from her home outside Washington D.C. In a house populated by two tiny pirates and one full-sized Marine aviator, inspiration for her heroes is never hard to find—though quiet time to write often is!


“Are you going to go back?”
I couldn’t help it. The words flew out of my mouth of their own accord, giving voice to the fear that had been swirling in me since Mateo left.
He dropped his arms to his sides and looked down at me from the top of the ladder. “I haven’t decided.” He gave me a sad smile, and there was some unidentified weight behind his words, as if they were infused with a meaning I didn’t quite understand.
“But, I mean, how could you not go?” I asked, unable to help myself. “Your home, your family. It sounds like your dad’s finally come around.”
Rob climbed down and set the screwdriver on the ladder rung, his eyes narrowed as they found mine. “Haven’t thought that far,” he said.
I nodded, though it didn’t make sense to me. “Kinda seems like you have to go. Find out.”
Rob picked up the water bottle he’d set in the corner and nodded to some folding chairs we’d brought over from Trent’s garage. I sat, unable to keep myself from feeling a jolt of pure desire when he straddled the back of the chair and rested his arms, folded, across the top, the water bottle in one hand.
“I might,” he said finally. “Mateo’s right, my life here has changed.”
I watched him, my heart beginning to sink slightly at his words. Had I just talked him into going? I really was a moron when it came to men.
“But I left because I hoped for more.” He shook his head, took a drink from the bottle and then wiped his chin along the shoulder of his faded navy T-shirt. “I wanted to find something myself. Not just take what was given.”
“Things have changed, though.”
He sat back, taking his arms from the top of the chair, a mirthless laugh rolling from him. “Yeah.” He fixed his gaze on the floor.
He thought I meant his injury. “I mean with your dad,” I corrected quickly. “He’s changed his mind, wants to change his will. It sounds like there’s an opportunity there beyond building shelves.” I looked around at the work that had been finished in just one day. Rob was good at building shelves.
But I had no doubt he would be good at other things, too.
His eyes caught mine again, and a shy smile lifted one corner of his mouth. “Maybe,” he said. He held my gaze and the tension that danced between us began to buzz in my ears again. It was like the air shifted, taking on the electricity I felt whenever Rob had touched my skin. “Part of me wants to see what might happen here,” he said, his voice exquisitely low and rough. Something deep inside me tightened, coiled and hot.

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