General edit: average intensity, edits for basic issues such as story and character development, any repeated errors in grammar or punctuation, etc. Includes a letter about the overall strengths and weaknesses of the story and the prose. $0.0075 per word ($15 for every 2,000 words)

Elbows-deep edit: (There are actual, technical names for the different types of edits but she's made up my own because they make more sense to her) Like the general edit, but much more intense and in-depth. Where in the general edit she might have mentioned problem areas and then provided links and resources for improvements, she will actually go through each issue with you to make sure you understand. $0.010-0.0125 per word ($20-25 for every 2,000 words)

Basic line edit: She goes through each line and critique for style, syntax, punctuation, grammar. Basically just a proof for any and all technical errors, typos, etc. Includes a letter about the overall structure and flow of the story, but doesn’t go into detail about the content, characters, etc. $0.008-0.012 per word (approx. $17-23 per 2,000 words)

Nitty gritty line edit:
A line edit, but super picky. She will fix every typo and the tiniest error. For the higher price, she will actually just fix everything for you and send the corrected document back to you with an explanation of the changes she made. $0.0125-0.015 per word ($25-30 per 2,000 words)



The editor will adjust her prices in the case of: an “in bulk” order (10,000 words or more), regular clients, a review of her services and a promise to spread the word to all your writer friends, tailored edits (example: if you specify you only want comments on certain aspects, like character development), extreme desperation on either of your parts, outstanding circumstances, etc.

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