Developmental Editing: What is Your Story About?

The first question that pops into most readers’ minds when asked to read a book is: What is the story about? It should be expected that someone would want to know this before making the decision to purchase, or even borrow, a book. We want to know exactly what it is we’re agreeing to read Read More

Content Editing and Character Development: Part 2

People are more than their physical appearance. Yes, people often form an opinion of a person’s inside based on their outside; but we all know that looks can be deceiving. As discussed in Part 1, it’s always a good idea to shake things up a bit. Just like the math professor doesn’t have to be Read More

The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership

Book Promotion: The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership by Shawn Abrams

Shawn Abrams is the author of The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership. He covers leadership and relationship as they relate to the our personal and professional lives. His first book, Leading in the First Person was an autobiographical work used to introduce his style of leadership. The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership contains more technical and practical Read More

Content Editing and Character Development: Part 1

So, you’ve created a kick-butt hero who can slay the dragon while climbing a mountain with one hand tied behind his back while he rescues a kitten from dear old Mrs. Wilson’s tree. Your heroine’s a single mom who lands the biggest contract of her career, changes her flat tire, and still makes it home Read More


Blitz: The Best Mistake by Cookie O’Gorman

The Best MistakeCookie O’GormanPublication date: April 23rd 2020Genres: New Adult, Romance, Sports Honor Tierney just wants one night with the playboy. One hot, steamy, meaningless hookup, and then she’ll happily go back to reading her favorite books, studying to be an accountant and writing for the campus-paper-nobody-reads. Too bad she ends up in the wrong Read More

Someone to Kiss My Scars_final front

Blitz: Someone to Kiss My Scars by Brooke Skipstone

Someone To Kiss My Scars: A Teen Thriller Brooke Skipstone Publication date: October 17th 2019 Genres: Thriller, Young Adult First Place Pencraft Award in Young Adult Abuse Readers’ Favorite International Contest: Silver Medal in Young Adult Thriller “Powerful. Original. Deeply felt and convincing.” — Kirkus Reviews Hunter needs to remember. Jazz needs to forget. They Read More


Blitz: Hollywood Lighting by J.V. Speyer

Hollywood Lighting J.V. Speyer Publication date: April 23rd 2020 Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance A rowdy superstar in danger. His resentful new guardian. It’s hate at first sight until love takes an unexpected encore. Closeted actor Owen fears failure and betrayal. So after he’s stabbed by a crazy fan, the movie studio offers a hunky bodyguard Read More


Blitz: Grinded by Heather Slade

GrindedHeather Slade(The Invincibles, #3)Publication date: April 27th 2020Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense When the odds are against them, they fight for each other. First loves torn apart… With a Tuscan backdrop of romance and innocence, sixteen-year-olds Miles “Grinder” Stone and Pia Deltetto learn of love and loss. After a whirlwind romance, they return to their separate Read More


Cover Reveal: The Silent Daughter by Claire Amarti

The Silent DaughterClaire AmartiPublication date: May 7th 2020Genres: Adult, Psychological, Suspense Schoolgirl missing, the ticker reads, and the camera cuts to a girl’s face. Blonde hair waterfalling over her shoulders, serious eyes, lips a little parted like she’s about to speak. That’s when I realize I’ve been holding my breath, because the gasp when I Read More


Blitz: Finding Edward by Suzanne McKenna

Finding EdwardSuzanne McKenna Link(Save Me, #3)Publication date: March 31st 2020Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance When Edward’s beloved grandmother dies, she doesn’t just leave behind money. His inheritance includes a father in Italy he never knew he had. Now he’s forced to navigate a country he doesn’t know, using a language he doesn’t speak, in search of Read More