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Author Alyssa Richards: Best & Worst Pickup Lines

    ALYSSA RICHARDS   Tommy rode up on his sky blue bike, he was all sandy—haired, sun—kissed and a full twenty minutes late from the agreed—upon meeting time. It was a semi—blind date arranged by Cara, a mutual friend who was insistent we would hit it off. I was none too wild about blind Read More

RiverWolf-Heather Long

Author Heather Long: Best & Worst Pickup Lines

HEATHER LONG Did it hurt? Did what hurt? When you fell from heaven, did it hurt? Welcome to the Love Boat. I’ll be your Captain. Nice shoes, want to fuck? Pick up lines are a dime a dozen, but some are funny, some are just sad, and others make you pause to blink—but what they Read More

Cuba Undercover-Linda Bond

Author Linda Bond: Best & Worst Pickup Lines

LINDA BOND Hi everyone, I’m Linda Bond, TV news reporter by day, author of romantic suspense and romantic thrillers by night. For my worst pick-up line experience I reached out to my readers and asked if they’d share theirs with me. So, here’s a list of possibly the cheesiest, most horrible pick up lines for Read More

3D Blind Love

Blind Love by Kishan Paul

  Blind Love Kishan Paul Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Samhain Date of Publication: June 2, 2015 ISBN: 9781619226845 ASIN: B00WYTF3IO Number of pages: 260 pgs Word Count: 77,713 Cover Artist: Kanaxa Book Description: She doesn’t need a hero. But a sexy Marine…that’ll work. Though Lauren Baxter’s world is a blurry mess of colors, she has Read More

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Author Samantha Ann King: Best & Worst Pickup Lines

  Samantha Ann King   Thanks for hosting me today and for participating in the Summer eReader Giveaway. I’m looking forward to chatting with everyone about the best and worst pickup lines they’ve heard…or used! Especially since I don’t have much experience with them. It’s true. I can only remember one from all my years Read More

Veronica Forand-Simmering Ice Cover

Author Veronica Forand: Best & Worst Pickup Lines

    Veronica Forand People rarely try to pick me up. Perhaps it’s my sarcasm, or my really loud voice, or the wedding band on my finger. In truth, I had to make the first move to grab my now husband’s attention. We’d been friends in high school and had spent a summer before college Read More


Author Robin Covington: Best & Worst Pick-up Lines

ROBIN COVINGTON The best pick-up line I ever experienced was in college (so many years ago!). I was at a party and I knew the guy who was throwing the party pretty well since we’d been flirting back and forth for several weeks. He invited me to it and I just “knew” that this was Read More

TMUP-Jane Peden

Author Jane Peden: Best & Worst Pickup Lines

JANE PEDEN The stupidest pick-up attempt I ever heard was when I was in my early 20’s working for a nonprofit disaster relief agency on an out-of-town job in Pittsburgh raising funds to help flood victims. After work a group of us from various cities made plans to go out to dinner together. Everyone agreed Read More

Shelly Bell- RED_HANDED

Author Shelly Bell: Best & Worst Pickup Lines

SHELLY BELL Twelve years ago, I gave up the search for Mr. Right. After countless dates with frogs who never turned into my prince, I’d decided I’d rather be single than endure another night of listening to a man complain about his three ex-wives or brag about how much money he made. Of course, that’s Read More

Kristi Hancock- HRrockhisworld

Author Kristi Hancock: Best & Worst Pickup Lines

KRISTI HANCOCK At first I thought, what in the world am I going to write about? I’ve been married for what seems like forever, and I dated my husband exclusively for almost four years before that. So I decided to cheat. My sister is divorced and just experienced the worst pick-up attempt of her life. Read More