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Romance Book Review: This Earl is on Fire

Blazing Bishop

Liam is as naughty as they come. He knows it, the ton knows it, and it’s not long before anyone who meets him knows it. He’s the spokesman for the scandal sheets, and he doesn’t give a wit about what anyone thinks of him.

That all changes when he meets Adeline. She can match his wit with no problem, and she doesn’t hesitate to set him straight in her own charming, delightful way.

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Romance Book Review: A Season of Ruin

Shattered Juncture

Lily Somerset is quiet, demure, and likes everything in order. There are rules to follow, and no matter how boring, unnecessary, or irrational – she follows them.

Robyn is quite the opposite. He believes in having fun, and he doesn’t bend to raised eyebrows and not-so-subtle whispers. He does what he wants, and he’s more than willing to suffer the consequences as long as it doesn’t involve marriage. That would just put a not-so-welcome kink in his kinky plans.

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PRETTY WOMAN WAS ORIGINALLY MUCH DARKER. Screenwriter J.F. Lawton’s original script, which was titled 3000, wasn’t a love story—and it didn’t have a happy ending. Instead of a rom-com about two very different people finding love, it was a grittier tale about two damaged individuals who spent a week together that ends in tears and zero hope for a balcony-set reunion scene.

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